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Our story

Our adventure started in the Babadağ district of Denizli. While we watched with curious eyes next to our father in the warp room, we would listen to the yarns turning into beams from our grandfather, about the adventure of the yarn turning into cloth on the loom...

We, two brothers, used to play games in our warm home consisting of a warp room, a weaving room, a living room and a bedroom. There were products made of woven cloth in every room. From duvet covers to sheets, from sofa covers to curtains, from pillow cases to guest napkins... While guest napkins became our toys, even though the sounds made by the looms were the same, their names were different for us...

In 2020, we combined the rooms and turned them into Tekstilodam.

As Tekstilodam, we believe that our customers' homes should not only reflect their personal style, but also be a warm home with quality and stylish products.  That's why every corner of your home should be unique and unique, just like you. Tekstilodam, which includes home textile products from A to Z with its wide product range, serves as a Home Textile Products Virtual Store dedicated to helping its customers discover their own styles in terms of design. 


our vision

While aiming to become the world's leading digital platform for home textile products by closely following technological developments in the sector, touching people's lives by creating sustainable policies.


Our Mission

We offer our customers home textile  By interpreting its products with innovative approaches, we blend traditional and modern lines and offer a reliable shopping opportunity in the comfort and warmth of their homes. 

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